When corona ushered the human society to new heights of uncertainty and petrification last year, we fell short of thoughts choosing to remain oblivious and unmindful with little to no hopes of solution(s) being found for relieving us off the woeful adversities this global pandemic resulted in as a whole. As time passed by, we adapted ourselves to a new and more of a reserved life style in order to be cautious. Restricting ourselves was the only legit solution for a long while but now we have the availability of vaccines (Cowin, Covishield) which can help us with our immunities against this horrifying disease.

On the 20th of May (2021), our team HIGH-5 has had several discussions and arrived at a conclusion that most citizens despite knowing that there are vaccine rollouts throughout our country are unaware as to how to get themselves registered and book their slots for intake of vaccine. So our team in order to be of help for our grateful society has decided to work on an extension about vaccine rollouts and open registrations.

Having set all things up in lead, we finally on the next day, i.e on 21.05.2021 shaped our collective thought process into a lucrative product by creating/ launching an extension which makes things with registrations easier ensuring in a soothing progress of vaccination amongst us all.

The extension consists of an icon displaying “V”. Clicking on the icon leads to a pop up which has a title “GET VACCINATED”. Below it, there is a button titled registration. Clicking on it gives direct access to the web page of registration for booking vaccine slots. This extension has been created using HTML and CSS. We put our whole hearted efforts and created this extension in a very short span , yet gave it all to make sure it turns out to be lucrative.

We uploaded the extension on Microsoft Edge Developer on the 22nd and we with all open hearts of ours collectively hope this extension generates intrigue in everyone, also be of help to all and turn out to be a massive success.




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